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Odor Xit Odor Eliminator - 64 Oz Concentrate

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OdorXit® Concentrate is a clear, naturally scented (not perfumed) liquid that neutralizes the source of organic odors where they are found. It is made of safe and effective organic water soluble plant salts and essential oils (not VOC's).

OdorXit® Concentrate contains no genetically modified bacteria, enzymes, volatile solvents or scent masking chemicals.

Simple to use and highly effective for all clothing, bedding, furniture and hard floor applications in homes, boats, RV's, kennels, catteries, rest rooms and many other areas where odors exist.

OdorXit® Concentrate neutralizes the source of organic odor producing materials.

OdorXit® Concentrate can be safely sprayed onto any water tolerant, color fast fabric, carpet, concrete, coolers, dirt, drywall, furniture, leather, plaster, plastic, refrigerators, skin and wood.

OdorXit’s natural scent is short lived and can be easily neutralized after use. OdorXit® Concentrate is safe to use around all pets and children.

OdorXit® Concentrate is safe and green!

OdorXit® Concentrate will permanently neutralize the odors of:

  •     urine
  •     feces
  •     vomit
  •     dead animals
  •     rotting meat
  •     fish
  •     vegetables
  •     and a wide variety of other organic odors

OdorXit® Concentrate can be applied to many surfaces and materials including but not limited to:

  •     fabrics
  •     flooring
  •     walls
  •     furniture
  •     clothing
  •     pet fur
  •     and much more